What does Non-Allowables mean? This is a term used throughout the moving industry for items that the movers will not move. Many common household items are hazardous and actually quite dangerous in the right circumstances. Adding these items on truck on moving day can put the entire load and crew at risk. Hazardous items are generally those considered explosive, flammable or corrosive. See the list below for items that are not allowed to be loaded onto the moving truck. The customer must find an alternate method of transportation for the items. When you are sorting through your things to prepare for moving day, please read the product label to look for any warnings of hazard, toxic, explosive, etc. If you have anything that is questionable, ask us before adding to your shipment. There are a few questions to ask yourself to help decide if the item should or should not be added on the moving truck.

  • Could it spill or leak?
  • Does it have any warning labels?
  • Is it toxic?
  • Is it flammable, corrosive or explosive?

Other items that are considered to be non-allowables are:

Soiled or Unclean: Adding these items to the load on moving can put our crew, truck and moving pads at risk of being contaminated or infested. This can then lead to the next customer to be at risk of the same. Therefore, any of the following items will not be loaded on the moving truck.

  • Dirty or muddy
  • Mildew or moldy
  • Grimy or greasy
  • Contains urine, feces or bugs

Perishables: These items may spoil in transit and we cannot guarantee the safety or quality due to change in temperature during transportation. We recommend that you try to use up your perishables a week before moving to reduce the amount that needs to be moved. Anything that is leftover can be put into a cooler to maintain the quality and then be moved personally.

  • Non-Shelf Foods
  • Frozen Foods
  • Refrigerated Foods
  • Produce

Items that may transport bugs or disease: 

  • Live plants
  • Live animals
  • Firewood
  • Garbage

Valuable Sentimental Irreplaceable:

It is recommended for the customer to transport the following types of items that may be valuable (whether it is monetary, personal, sentimental or irreplaceable). Items are covered at only $.60 per pound Standard Liability Coverage.                                                                                                                                      We will not be responsible for these items included in the transportation.

Photos Heirlooms Home Videos Jewelry Fur Paintings Sculptures Collections (record stamp coin,etc.) One of a kind items Keys Checkbook Cash Laptop/Ipad Cell Phone ▪ Personal Electronics ▪ Address Book   Prescription Eye Glasses  

Documents: Medical Educational Legal Financial Insurance Titles/Deeds ▪ Personal Diary/Journal

Fragile items that cannot withstand the rigors of transportation: 

Recommended to be transported by customer. If we transport the items, we will not be responsible for damages:  We cannot guarantee items will arrive safely regardless of how much care is taken. 

  • Glass or mirror
  • Porcelain or ceramic
  • Lamp shade
  • Ready to assemble furniture or items made from particle board
  • Plexiglass  
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